Calvary Chapel is not a denomination, but a fellowship of churches. Each Calvary Chapel is governed by its own leadership, and financed by the contributions of its members. Our connection with each other is for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. The most distinguishing mark of Calvary Chapel is a servant-pastor who faithfully teaches through the Bible verse by verse, covering the whole council of God. CCOF, (Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship), keeps a list of churches that are a part of the Calvary fellowship. This list allows folks who are interested in finding a Calvary Chapel in their community a means to locate one. Three things are necessary to be a part of the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches… First, pastors and leaders need to embrace the characteristics of the Calvary Chapel movement as described in Calvary Chapel Distinctive's. This process provides the fellowship with an opportunity to display a heart for Jesus and a heart connection and commitment to Calvary Chapel. Second, the list CCOF keeps are of churches, not home fellowships. Thus, part of the process is moving a group from a collection of believers meeting together for home Bible Study into the level of commitment, accountability, and the development of servant leaders, indicative of a church. Third, since Calvary Chapel is a fellowship of churches and not a denomination, it is important that the Pastor avail himself to meet with like-minded men in regional conferences and the annual senior pastor's conference. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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